Curso: AEU09169 - University Expert in Maritime Medicine
Curso Académico: 2009/2010
Público destinatario: - Aimed at: Graduates, university diplomates in Health Sciences interested in maritime health. It is possible to accept students completing their graduate studies during the period of the courses.
- For professionals without university degree must meet the legal requirements for study at the university, in this regard should establish the passing of University Course or Training Second Degree or equivalent, or alternatively, be accessed by towards people over 25 years through tests or specific criteria that the University establish for this purpose. In addition to establish a minimum of two years of professional experience related to the matter of the course.
Objetivos: The main objective is to introduce basic knowledge and updates, abilities, competences and professional aptitudes, in the field of maritime health, related to rules and regulations, epidemiology, medical care and preventive maritime medicine.
Director: Mª Felicidad Rodríguez Sánchez

Pedro Nogueroles Alonso de la Sierra
María del Carmen Vaz Pardal

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